Instagram Marketing

Instagram MarketingInstagram allows you to post pictures and short videos for all of your followers to see, or the world, if you do not have your page on private. Businesses who do not utilize this social media marketing tool are really letting a big fish slip by, as it can be vital to your success and growth.

There are millions of businesses already on Instagram, so why isn’t yours? Instagram is the perfect way to showcase your business behind the scenes, such as taking and posting photos of your employees, your products, or your services in action.

When you work with us at Media Reachers, we do all of the following listed below for you;

  • Segmentation and audience targeting through trending images and specific videos.
  • An analysis of engagement patterns.
  • Image and video SEO, search engine optimization, for search results through Google.
  • Conversation marketing.
  • Keyword research that is utilized through hashtags.
  • And much more!