Google+ Marketing

Google MarketingBuilding an online presence is practically useless if you don’t have Google+ on your side, considering search engines are where it’s at in terms of higher rankings and views for your businesses’ website, social media platforms, etc. We at Media Reachers know how to use Google+ to ensure that a business has the top ranking and will be found easily against the competition when it comes to potential customers using Google to search a certain product or service, being what your business offers.

Because Google uses search engine optimization for their rankings, we set up all of your social media platforms, including Google+, to have specific keywords and phrases that will ensure your business ranks at the top of the list of search results. Having a Google+ page will help you to connect you to multiple services and properties that are offered by Google itself.

When we help you to set up and manage a Google+ page, you will have the following benefits;

  • Google Hangouts, where you can chat live with your customers and clients about the products and/or services that you offer.
  • Google Reviews, where current customers and clients can post reviews about your business. Good reviews will help you to stay above the competition, whereas negative reviews will show you where you can improve.
  • Google+ Circles, where you can gain leads and categorize your audience by industry influencers, clients, prospective clients, and whatever you choose.
  • Search Visibility, where you can link back anything you post to your website and see how it all ranks.
  • And much more!

When you work with us at Media Reachers, however, we do everything for you, so you don’t have to! We understand that you have a busy schedule to stick with, so let us help. Setting up and running a Google+ account takes quite a long time to do, but when you work with us, we will do the following for you;

  • Set up your Google+ account and design it so it’s visually appealing and enticing.
  • Develop all of the compelling content needed to pull in potential clients and customers in order to generate more revenue.
  • Respond to clients and customers, potential and current, as if we were you.
  • And much more!