Frequently Asked Questions

Social media marketing is a necessity for any business either it is a big gun or a newbie small business. But the challenge for small businesses and entrepreneurs is that most of them:

  • Don’t know about social media marketing; where to start from, or how to effectively grow leads, drive web traffic, expand market reach and convert more sales, faster.
  • Don’t have the time, capital, and resources to manage their social marketing initiatives.
  • Can’t keep up with pace of the constant changes that takes place on various social platforms.

Media Reachers is a Social Media Marketing Company consisting of expert and highly experienced social media analysts, researchers, and marketers with a proven track record for business growth. We are here for all the startups, newbie small businesses, and rising entrepreneurs to manage their various social media initiatives in a pocket-friendly way so that they can put their focus on what they are intended to do, i.e. smoothly run their businesses.

Why Social Media Is Necessary For Your New Business?

With more than 2 billion active users daily, social media is now like a key to the success for any business. Being active on social media websites gives your brand a direct access to reach your target audience, connect and engage with your customers directly and vice versa. Social media provides your business with a platform, which presents you with countless opportunities for creating brand awareness and recognition, developing personal relationships with your customers, developing new business links and relationships, driving more visitors to your website, capturing and nurturing quality leads, and ultimately increasing your sales. For these mentioned reasons; Media Reachers aims to make sure that your business gets the branding it deserves by working in a guided direction.

How Media Reachers Can Help Small Businesses With Social Media Marketing?

As well-seasoned social media marketers, Media Reachers is experienced in handling social media marketing for businesses across many different industries successfully. To start with the social media marketing process, we first create a social media strategy specifically tailored for your business needs. Secondly, we set up the accounts for your business on various social media networks keeping in mind the necessary requirements of your business. Then, we compose a monthly posting content calendar based on your business needs and requirements and monitor all activity taking place across all your social media profiles. Finally, we provide a monthly report of the progress and successes your business has made under our plans.

We, Media Reachers, offer different social media management packages and services for businesses in almost every industry. You can even create a customized plan that will fit all your social needs at Media Reachers!

What We Offer In Our Packages?

Expert team of Media Reachers is here to ensure that your business keeps on growing with sound and effective promotion across the various social media networks and platforms. We aim to bring in the expected results from our social media marketing packages to meet your goals, product and service demands, website traffic expectations, and conversion of visitors to followers to sales qualified leads successfully.

Keeping in mind businesses and their goals, we have tailored various social media marketing packages that include:

  • A complete social media account setup for businesses on various social network platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and their individual strategy plan.
  • Monthly marketing and account management of various social media platforms.

Message replies, answering of questions, retweeting and post replies.

What Social Network Platforms Do You Support?

We, Media Reachers, believe that a business should always be marketed on at least 5 different groups of social network platforms: Social Network Services (SNS), Microblogs, Photo Social, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Business Social (B2B).

We support most of the social network platforms including:

  • SNS: Facebook, VK, RenRen, Douban, etc.
  • Microblogs: Twitter, Tumblr, Weibo, and Plurk.
  • Photo social: Instagram, Pinterest, SmugMug, Path.
  • SEO: Google+,, Flickr, QQ, etc.
  • B2B: LinkedIn, Xing, Viadeo, Yammer.

If you believe there is any other platform that would be relevant to your business niche such as Yelp, Foursquare, Blogger, Reddit, etc. Media Reachers will be happy to assist you with the marketing strategy on those accounts too.

Can I Upgrade Or Downgrade My Current Plan?

Yes, at Media Reachers you can upgrade or downgrade your current plan at any time you desire.

What Will You Include In My Daily Posts?

Community Manager Team of Media Reachers will carry out an extensive research on your niche, mark out your competitors, identify your target audience and then we will create tailored content for your customers and/or clients. This process will increase post reach on your SM accounts for good.

Secondly, depending upon your monthly plan, you will receive blog posts for promotions of your products and marketing campaigns (or #tag campaigns). These will be included in your posts.

What Will You Do With The Unwanted Content On My Accounts?

All our plans at Media Reachers include depuration and management of comments for any unwanted activity at your accounts. We will manage any comments that would affect your reputation and will be answering users’ comments within 2 days; remove them if necessary.

It is common for businesses to receive spam messages on their SM accounts. On certain plans, we offer spam messaging removal; in this way, your account will be free of spammy links that can directly affect you and your audience.

What Would I Expect On My Monthly Analytics And Goals Reports?

By using Media Reachers, you are going to notice the difference within the first month of our services. With our directed efforts, your traffic will be multiplied at a quality basis, you will observe the increment in your sales and/or services which is ultimately going to boost up your revenues. Goal reports will include the extent to which your goals have been achieved.

What Is Included In Blog Management Service?

On some of our certain plans, Media Reachers offer monthly blog posts for promotions. If you already have your own blog section at either your website or on WordPress, we will write for you a specific number of blogs per month; otherwise, we will create a blog page in WordPress.

The blog posts will be up to 600 words each and SEO optimized with your keywords and topics. They will be written depending on your needs to attract the attention of your viewers.

How Does Our “10-Days Money Back” Policy Works?

We guarantee to return your 100% money if you aren’t satisfied with our work within 10 days of your first order. Within 3 days of research made by our community management team, your social media profiles will have their first post ready and an internal schedule of the content for the first 10 days.

If you aren’t satisfied with our work, we will refund you 100% of your payment for the chosen plan.

Before you leave us, we request you to kindly drop us a message letting us know about what were we doing wrong, and if we can do anything to keep working with you.

Can I Cancel My Plan?

Yes. You can cancel your plan but you have to inform us 15 days in advance so that we can stop billing process and publications.

What Can I Do If I Don’t Like The Content You Are Posting In My Accounts?

If you do not like the content posted in your accounts, you only have to notify us through your account manager and we will handle the rest. The account manager will always post content at your socials networks keeping in view the details you provided in the discussion that you carried out via Skype.

Particularly on the first days, you should carefully review the content and let us know what you think about it. Your feedback is important to us. So, If we don’t receive any feedback we consider that we are doing things right!

What Information Do You Need In Order To Start Working On My Accounts?

After successful processing of your order at Media Reachers, you will be asked to fill out a small profile questionnaire based on your chosen plan that will include some specific required questions about your business. Your answers will guide us in the proper direction and this important information about your business niche, target audience, time zone, etc. will help our account manager in conducting his research for appropriate content creation.

In some cases you will be required to give us full access to your accounts as administrator. This information will be kept secure in our database in accordance with our “Private Policy” agreement. Only specific number of workers will have access to your information.

If I Do Not Have Any Social Network Accounts Created Yet, Can You Set Them Up For Me?

Yes, plans available at Media Reachers include the creation of accounts. You only have to make it sure that you put the option in the questionnaire and let us know the social networks you want your new accounts. We can create new accounts for you in up to 5 social networks depending on the chosen plan.

Is It Required For Me To Provide You Usernames And Passwords For My Accounts To Be Managed?

Yes, Media Reachers will require your username and password to manage the following accounts: Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Thus, we will be able to access your accounts and we can start managing and posting content on them.  For other social networks like Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn you can just make us administrator of the accounts and you would not be required to give us your username and password.

How Do I Give Media Reachers A Role On My Facebook Page?

First of all you’ll need to be administrator  to give Media Reachers a role on your Facebook Page

If you are an administrator:

  • Click Settings at the top of your Page.
  • Click Page Roles in the left column.
  • Find “Media Reachers” and select us:
  • If Media Reachers is your Facebook friend, begin typing the name and select us from the list that appears.
  • If Media Reachers isn’t your Facebook friend, just add us as your friend.
  • Click Editor to select a role from the dropdown menu.
  • Click Saveand enter your password to confirm.

We will receive a notification when you give us a role.

How Do I Add Media Reachers as Administrator For My LinkedIn Company Page?

Note: You must be connected to Media Reachers through LinkedIn before you can add us as administrator.

To Add Media Reachers as administrator follow the next steps:

  • Move your cursor over Interests at the top of your homepage and select Companies
  • Click the Company Page you want to edit from the Manage your pages section on the right.
  • Click the blue Edit button in the upper right.
  • Scroll down the Overviewpage and find the Company Pages Admins section on the left. This is below the Company Description and Default Language
  • Under Designated Admins, type Media Reachers.
  • Click Publish.

How Do I Add Media Reachers As Manager On my Google+ Account?

To add Media Reachers as manager to a listing:

  1. Log in to Google My Business and choose the listing you’d like to manage.
  2. Click the three dash menu icon in the upper left-hand side of your screen.
  3. In the panel that appears, click Managers.
  4. Click the Add names or email addresses field, enter Media Reachers and click Invite.

After My Order Is Placed And Paid, When Should I Expect The First Post On My Social Media Accounts?

After your order is successfully processed, Media Reachers will start posting content on your social media accounts within 3 business days of receiving access to your profiles.

Make sure that you provide us with correct username and password for the social networks accounts (Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest) so that we can gain full access of your accounts.

Do You Offer Any Discounts To Order A Plan For Long Term?

Yes, we do offer discounts on long term plans. So, if you order any of long term plans at Media Reachers, you will get the following discounts on the total price:·

  1. For 3 months package, you will get 3% off·
  2. For 6 months package, you will get 7% off·
  3. For 1 year package, you will get 15% off

Can I Still Access And Post On My Own Social Network Accounts?

Yes! You are going to remain the owner of your accounts!!! Thereby, you can either access your accounts or post on your profiles whenever you want. Media Reachers will never desire ownerships of your account nor this is our purpose of existence, we only are going to help you grow your startup in a speedy way.

Do You Provide Your Services Worldwide?

Yes, currently Media Reachers serve customers all around the globe but our services are limited to English language only.

How Will You Know What To Post On My Social Media Accounts?

Once we have successfully received your order at Media Reachers, our certified community manager assigned to your account will do an exhaustive research regarding your industry, your competitors and the target audience to create and post more specified content. We will provide the account manager with your requirements within 3 respective business days after you have placed an order.